Atlanta Gay Drug Rehab

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Intensive Outpatient Program at O.U.T, which is Atlanta Gay Drug Rehab is part of the LGBTQ treatment program  at A Better Life Treatment. We take pride in serving our communities in the metro Atlanta area. Atlanta Gay Drug Rehab is a unique program where our professional counselors are members of our local LGBTQ communities and have gone through the same exact journey of transformation and recovery.  Each staff member has a special talent for sharing their experience, strength and hope with every client who comes into our program. The word family is taken literally in our facilities.
Atlanta Gay Drug Rehab
Atlanta Gay Drug Rehab

Feeling at Home with FAMILY....

The whole purpose of providing LGBTQ Treatment is to ensure individuals are treated with utmost respect, dignity and feel at home with FAMILY...
Gay Drug Rehab
Spirituality & Mindfulness
As it is we all have a host of issues that have traumatized us in on form or another.  Our holistic approach allows us to treat the whole person and provide wrap around services.  Treatment includes medication for withdrawal form alcohol and drugs, depression or other disorders, counseling by licensed and certified professionals, who have extensive expertise in recovery and share their personal experiences with other addicts.

Spirituality and Mindfulness

Our program encourages meditation and spiritual wisdom in the treatment process. These ancient practices add the much needed peace and serenity during the recovery process. Save Save Save Save Save Save

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