Georgia’s expert in Clinical DUI evaluations. Our Clinical Evaluator (CE) is a state-certified Clinical Supervisor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor registered with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD).

Why do you need a Clinical Evaluation?

Have you found yourself with an arrest or charge for Driving under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Boating under the Influence (BUI), etc.? The Clinical DUI Evaluation is specifically for these charges and must be conducted by a Clinical Evaluator (CE). This is different than a standard Alcohol and Substance Abuse Evaluation in that there are a limited number of registered Clinical Evaluators (CE) approved to conduct this interview.

What does the Clinical DUI Evaluation do for you?

The Clinical DUI Evaluation assesses your current level of functioning, a risk to self and the community. This assessment helps the courts determine your eligibility for incarceration or alternative sentencing. If your license has been suspended, the Clinical DUI Evaluation will need to be provided to the Department of Driver’s Services (DDS) for reinstatement. If treatment is recommended, either Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient (IOP), then a certificate of completion must be submitted to DDS as well.


You’ve been recommended counseling. What’s next?

In some cases, there is not a recommendation for education or counseling. For others, there may be a recommendation for 6-12 weeks of counseling, 4-12 months of counseling, or something more intensive. This will all be determined by the individual’s current level of risk to self and/or the community. If you are recommended counseling, then yes it is now a requirement that must be met to satisfy your involvement with the Criminal Justice System. It would be in your best interest to start counseling as soon as possible to alleviate any additional stress or prolong any court-mandated supervision like probation.


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