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Family Therapy


Family Therapy

Family therapy can build the core foundation of a family and assist in eliminating unwanted problems and conflicts. Family therapy is ideal when all members of the family participate willingly. Here are some of the valuable advantages of family therapy.


1. Eliminating the stigma of a specific problem-person in the family

2. Identifying the dynamics of the family structure

3. Set goals and develop strategies to resolve challenges.

4. Reducing tension and stress within the family

5. Developing support within the family structure

6. Creating a safe environment to discuss issues among family members

7. Preparing and dealing with major transitional periods such as divorce or death


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Families can go through stressful events that can leave them out of tandem; these troubled relationships can cause large ripples of unease throughout the family. Family relationships can become rocky and strained due to an important death, financial struggles, or divorce. Therapy can help mend the broken pieces of a family trying to survive such situations. The goal is help members of a family understand and work together to solve the issues of the family as a whole or each member individually. As they uncover the issues at hand they will become better at supporting one another due extreme change. Family therapy is meant to reduce conflict and distress by improving the social interactions between family members. This form of therapy is usually short term; the different types of counseling are as follows: Bowenian, Structural, Sytemic, and Strategic. Building empathy and understanding between these closely tied individuals can help communication and maintain healthy boundaries for communication.

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