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premarital Counseling


Premarital Counseling

While the phrase premarital counseling may seem scary to some, it is one of the most essential investments for a couple planning on marriage. Premarital counseling has many advantages.

1. You get to know each other in a meaningful way

2. You develop healthy communication skills

3. You develop conflict resolution skills

4. You can discuss issues around intimacy and continued improvement

5. You learn to set realistic expectations

6. You can learn to set healthy boundaries

7. You can develop open communication lines about comingling of finances

8. You can discuss future plans without any guilt or shame

9. You can define clear roles

10. You can learn to remain open and honest at all times


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Marriage is a huge commitment, by receiving premarital counseling this would be an important step to address the expectations each individual might have about the relationship. Differences in cultural expectations from family of origin and cultural beliefs can cause a rift as the couple realizes that day-to-day behaviors differ from one another. This form of counseling is useful to prepare couples for marriage to build a healthy and strong foundation of their relationship on. Focusing on the small concerns engaged couples may have before marriage can help prevent them from escalating into larger problems in the future. There can potentially be significant differences between partners that may go on unaddressed without the use of premarital counseling. Communication and identifying the strengths of the relationship are important; these factors can be identified and enforced in order to create a strong backbone for the relationship. By giving future newlyweds the tools of conflict resolution, empathy, and understanding of their marital expectations and beliefs the couple can have their fears reduced about the longevity of the marriage.

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