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LGBTQ Family Counseling


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What is LGBTQ Family Counseling? Why should I consider participating in LGBTQ Family Counseling?

Parents and family members of LGBTQ individuals go through a different type of challenge when a loved one comes out. Family and community engagement are essential in support of LGBTQ family members. LGBTQ family counseling begins with sensitively and Affirmation training.


Some of the issues and topics addressed in the LGBTQ Family Counseling:


1. Inclusion Training

2. Parenting Skills

3. Family Equality

4. Community resources and support groups


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Incorporating families into LGBTQ counseling can be a huge step for the individual and their relationship with the rest of the family. Family members will likely need support themselves when adjusting to someone coming out, even accepting families can experience difficulties when a family member comes out. Creating a safe space for the family allows the playing field to be even and for everyone to freely express their feelings without the restriction of power dynamics. Allowing the family to listen to each other can create the sense of empathy despite the difference in opinions; this alliance can strengthen familial bonds and get through difficult conversations.Having them work together to overcome the difficulties they have between them can encourage better communication for other issues that can arise.

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