Individual Counseling and Therapy

Individual Counseling and Therapy

Individual Counseling and Therapy can make a tremendous difference in the quality of our daily lives. Issues such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, familial discord, or relationships can improve if we are willing to put in the work.  A Better Life Counseling and Treatment Center is a non-profit counseling practice dedicated to holistic and balanced living.  We offer individual counseling and therapy at our officesin Atlanta, Decatur, and Marietta.


Our staff consists of a diverse and international team of highly trained, multi-lingualtherapists. All of our therapists have multicultural and diversity specialization. Each clinicianpossesses a wide range of expertise and experience. We provide therapeutic services that are tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs.


We firmlybelieve that everyone is capable of enjoying life to the fullest and lead a more fulfilling and abundant life. Moving toward a new direction in life can be challenging, we will personalize all interventions to help individuals achieve success and happiness. We are excited to work with you!


2. Anxiety
3. Career Counseling
4. Depression
7. Trauma


African Culturaland Sensitivity Issues

African-American Issues

MiddleEastern Issues

Immigration and Assimilation


Languages: Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, French, English, and Yuroba.